Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can we be assured of the quality of the phrases? Have they been vetted by qualified industry professionals? Where is the content coming from? What are the content providers’ qualifications?

    The content is coming from established human resources and management experts, all of whom are published authors with McGraw-Hill.

  2. Can the phrases be incorporated into our existing Performance Support System?

    We can easily create a link between your existing system and the Perfect Phrases. The system provides a structure and a platform on which the content can be easily accessed and searched.

  3. Is this product only for Managers or can it be used by all employees?

    This can be used by all employees. While some Phrases are most applicable to those managing or supervising employees, many focus on the many different kinds of interactions between people at work—and offer tips and techniques for negotiating those situations.

  4. How many phrases are available on the site?

    This will continue to increase as we add more content, but at this point, more than 30,000.

  5. How often will you update the site and what will you be updating?

    We will be adding content at least twice a year, possibly more. We will add new content and revise any content that has become out of date.

  6. Are the rankings of the “most often used phrases” based on users from all over the country or only the users within your organization?

    The default is based on users throughout the system. But we can turn off that feature and only use data from a company’s own system if required.

  7. Is there a liability disclaimer associated with the Phrases?

    Yes, under Terms of Use there is a disclaimer.