McGraw-Hill’s Perfect Phrases Gives Managers the Power to Immediately Communicate with Confidence, Clarity and Consistency in Every Situation

Give leaders the ultimate tool to efficiently build and maintain unwavering credibility

McGraw-Hill’s Perfect Phrases for Managers Online is what you need to ensure your managers can instantly access just the right words at the right time. It’s the virtualized version of McGraw-Hill’s best-selling series, Perfect Phrases, considered the foremost business communication authority.

Perfect Phrases is their virtual management coach to guide them through literally hundreds of potential workplace situations, such as:

  • Writing effective performance reviews
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Managing meetings to get results
  • Delivering memorable presentations
  • Increasing productivity, meeting deadlines and achieving goals

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Subscribe to Perfect Phrases for Managers Online, and managers will spend more time leading their teams, not fretting about what they’re going to say, pouring over old seminar notes, sitting through hours-long elearning programs, or taking up your time.

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Check out the video to see how ultra-easy it is for them to find out precisely what they need to know, whenever they need to know it. They can review as much or as little as they want with written statements, audio clips of conversations, real-life case studies and more.

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Perfect Phrases for managers builds value

It’s no wonder research from the Society of Human Resources Professionals reveals that organizations which improve their communication integrity have seen market value increases as high as seven percent.

Perfect Phrases for managers saves money

Words are powerful and if your managers don’t use them perfectly in sensitive situations, like performance reviews or disciplinary actions, your organization will pay with plummeting morale and productivity, and skyrocketing turnover and litigation.